Nancy Lee Ma, The Transformational CPA™ has over 30 years of accounting and tax experience.  She works with you to change your relationship with money through financial education.  With your increased knowledge of your finances, you also have the ability to help the other important people in your life, improve their finances.

Nancy started out as a sole proprietor working part-time in her accounting business as she raised three children and volunteered in PTA's and other non-profit organizations. She is currently establishing another non-profit organization to help serve the under- served community in San Diego to help raise their standard of living.  Since raising her family, she has worked with business entrepreneurs to help them understand their finances better.  She realized that she could make a bigger impact, teaching entrepreneurs, individuals, and our youth to better understand finances and manage their money better.  She is passionate about helping people become financially empowered so they can live a life with choices.

Nancy's transformational method of teaching has proven to be a success.  She combines her skills as a CPA, and her life coaching skills, to help her clients obtain the necessary skills to dramatically improve their personal and business finances.